Friday, January 7, 2011


A big welcome goes out to Elaine @
McVic @ Check out their blogs. Thanks ladies for becoming followers, we have great fun!

The Swap is officially closed we have 10 people, that was quick! This is who is in the swap
1) Kel
2) Laurie
3) Dawn
4) Janet
5) Jenny B
6) Rhonda - Bumble Bee
7) Jenny Mac (Ms. Jen)
8) JD
9) Karen
10) Tara

Excellent, thanks for signing up ladies! Remember 3 all occasions cards per person for a total of 30 cards. Mail them to me, (to get my address) by January 26th. Please remember to to put a self addressed stamped envelope in with your swap. That way we can return it to you. Otherwise you won't get the swap back. Let's keep our fingers crossed for no flakers, lol! If we do then everyone will get a few more cards!! Thanks again, this will be fun, we have such a talented group the cards are always awesome!!


  1. Oh crap! You mean I REALLY have to make 30 cards!!!! LOL Can't wait!

  2. YAY thanks Laurie and Kel! I can't wait to get started! I am psyched!

  3. Wooo hooo.. let the card making begin!! Da da da!!!!!! Welcome to our newest followers.. Nice to have you. I'm off to check out your blogs :)

  4. LoL Ms. Jen, that is exactly what I just said!!

  5. Hey girls, i just wanted to come over and be so jealous that you have 12 hrs of scrapbooking bliss today, Have fun for all of us!! Karen Also for all the ladies doing the card swap, please leave your blog address so we can say hi, and get to know each other. Mine is! Hope you stop by to say HI!! Karen

  6. I, m excited and nervous all at once. Never beeen in a swap, and my card making experience spans a little over 6 months. Hope I stack up agains you all. My blog site is by and say Hi! Janet

  7. Yahooo!! I better get started!! my blog is

    Hi gals! Hope you had fun today!!

  8. Hello Ladies, I hope your fun filled day of scrapbooking yesterday was excellent!! I just want to clear up exactly what "all Occasion" is. I assume it is Thinking of you, Thank You, get well, but is Happy Birthday, Happy Valentines Day, also accepted? Just want to make sure, I don't want to mess up, because believe me it would'nt be the first time!! lol
    Thanks, Karen

  9. Karen - we had soooo much fun and got so much done! We will showcase some of work over the next few weeks.

    Yes you are correct on the sentiments. You can use what ever you want. Have fun and enjoy!

  10. Hey guy, I still need the address to send the cards. I just sent Laurie another email today. If anyone has the address, please email it to me at Thanks, Karen