Friday, January 7, 2011

MOM Layout -using brads and swap information

Good Friday morning all!! Kel, Dawn and I are so excited it is Friday, tomorrow is our all day crop. That is right ladies 12 hours of non-stop scrapping, card making and NO husbands!! Woohoo!!!!

Here is a layout I did a while ago, but it fits so well in with the brad theme, I thought I would pull it out. I wish I had the Brad Outlet when I did this page, they have such a HUGE selection.
This is me pregnant with our first son (who will be 16 in May). There is a ton of white space which I know drives Kel and Dawn crazy, but I wanted to showcase the picture of me, because I don't have that many pictures of me pregnant and the picture is a 4x6.

Now on to the Swap. Ok you have until the 9th to decide if you want to participate in the swap. You need to make three all occasion cards per person. We will CAP at 10. Right now we have 7 people (So that means 21 cards):

1) Kel
2) Laurie
3) Dawn
4) Janet
5) JennyB
6) Rhonda - Bumblebee
7) Jenny Mac

Please let us know if you want to participate and we will add your name to the list. They are do back to me by January 26th.


  1. I love this LO. I think you did a great job with just one 4x6 picture. :-)

    Also, I'd love to join you ladies for the swap. I better get my scrappin' fingers going!


  2. OMG - soooo love this!!! And are those Noni bows?!? She would be sooo happy! I love white space on others' LOs ... I just can't seem to pull it off!

  3. My goodness what a belly!! Can't believe that lil baby boy <who is now like 6"5' was that lil!! LOL great great use of brads along the sides..cleverness! I can't wait for crop and I can't wait for the swap. I am having a challenge on my other blog if anybody is up for a challenge!

  4. Thanks, Ladies!! JD we would love for you to join the swap. The count is now up to 8! Kel I am so checking it out!!

  5. Great layout! I love pictures of pregnant women. There is nothing more beautiful.
    I SO wish I could attend the swap with you. That sounds like SO much fun!
    Have fun with the swap! (I'm afraid I can't join this one.)

  6. Hello Girls!! I am having crafting withdrawls, so tonight I am kicking the stuff out of the way and jumping in!! I would love to join your swap!! It sounds like a ton of !! I am putting up photos of my 100 followers blog candy up today, so check back later!! Oh I almost forgot, LOVE the layout!!

  7. Great Karen! Love to have you! Sorry Kate you can't join in, but totally understand. We are up to 9 so one more!!

  8. I love this page, and would like to j oin the swap, I have cards all ready to go, I've been stamping like crazy this week, lol :)

  9. What a great way to use up a stash of brads and stuff! Love it!