Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Good morning, up here in the Northeast we are under 12+ inches of snow and more to come.

Just to reiterate this is who is in the swap
1) Kel
2) Laurie
3) Dawn
4) Janet
5) Jenny B
6) Rhonda - Bumble Bee
7) Jenny Mac (Ms. Jen)
8) JD
9) Karen
10) Tara

Here are the deets:
1) Due to us by the 26th of January.
2) Make 30 "all" occasion cards. Meaning you can make birthday cards, sympathy cards, valentine's cards, any occasion you chose! Example, I have made so far (I need to get busy), 10 birthday cards, and then I think I will make 10 sympathy cards and maybe 10 thank you cards. You don't have to make 3 sets of 10 of the same, you can make 30 different if you like, or 2 sets of 15 if you like, totally up to you. I am trying to make this as clear as I can, I hope it works, lol. Sometimes not easy to put in words, lol!
3) Email me and I will give you my mailing address,
4) Make sure you put a self addressed stamped envelope in the package you send to me. What we have found works is, just put the same amount of postage you use to mail the package on the envelope on the inside envelope.
5) Of course have fun!


  1. It's really coming down here too. I was covered in white by the time I returned from walking my son to school today.
    Have fun with the swap!
    Laurie - the George tag on my card is actually the cylinder shape (shift D).

  2. WOW--looks like what we got in snow last week!! Thanks for clearing up the swap!!

  3. Wow, that is a ton of snow. Ours is still here, but it has started melting, so it will be gone soon. :(

  4. Thanks Kate for the info! Such a great card!!

  5. Oh, lots of snow here in southeastern Mass. too! My kids are having a blast playing in it! :-)

    ~Sharon C.

  6. too much snow for me. ha we had 4 in and that was too much.

  7. we got about 4" between yesterday and today...I'm sure it doesn't compare to what ya'll are getting!
    I'm psyched I've made 10 of my 30 already and I need to get busy!

  8. I know you will all think I'm CRAZY but I would love to be up there right now. I miss the fluffy cold white stuff! Stay warm great crafting weather ;)

  9. WOW!! I haven't seen snow like that since I lived back home! (NY) No snow in AZ!

  10. We only got about 4 inches...but it's pretty white out there now, considering it was pretty green a week ago.