Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome Semery to the blog! We are so glad you stopped by and we hope you will hang around. Semery if you have a blog please let us know.

Also Kel and I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope everyone has an amazing day! Don't forget to take those cameras and get some awesome pictures for scrapping. We go to my brothers house for the day and we have about 35 people. All family! Soo much fun, my kids look forward to it every year.

I am having some issues with my computer, I should get the post up soon.


  1. Oh my, sounds like a wonderful time! I'm blessed to have you two in my life!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you two as well! Be safe... don't OD on turkey or anything. :-)

    Laurie ~ thank you for the beautiful comment on my Thanksgiving post. I just love reading comments from you and Kel, but that one was extra special. THANK YOU! :-)

  3. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, rest and then eat again!! Hugs, Stacy H-W

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    (Also - I emailed Kel a photo of my scrapbook layout. No rush, but I want to be sure you've got it.)

  5. Stacy - I love your advice, spot on!! Thanks, Ms. Jen! JD you are very welcome, meant it all.

    Kate - that is an amazing layout you did. Kel is having some computer issues, we will def post for all to see. Great job!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!