Sunday, May 15, 2011


Here is a picture of the gorgeous basket of flowers that Dawn, Susan and Laurie sent me. I was sooo surprised to get them. I'm moving and I'm going a little bananas and I'm also closing a business I ran for 10 years, and it's a bit sad :( I"ve been texting , calling and emailing them all the fun (YA RIGHT) that I've been having, lol, and not one text, call or email has fallen on deaf ears. They are great listeners, box getters, scrap storers and advice givers. I've been thanking the stars that I've got such great friends. Thanks gals!!


  1. How beautiful and some wonderful friends.Good luck with your move Hope all goes smoothly.
    Bif Blog Hugs

  2. friends are just...the best! How sweet! big hugs to you!

  3. Happy to help a blog sista out and put a smile on her face!! Dawn was the brains in this operation!!


  4. Oh WOW!! That is gorgeous!! I'll bet it smells absolutely amazing. What fantastic friends you've got! I hope that all goes well with the move. I'm sad that I don't live near you all - so I can imagine that you must be super sad moving away from such a wonderful group of friends!

  5. SMOOCHIES!!! You deserve it!

    Kate, luckily, she is still staying close by so we still get to see each other!

  6. Nothing like a few good friends! I hope your move goes well...and that you settle in quickly and easily! :-)

    ~Sharon C.