Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Good morning ladies!!! As promised here are some pictures from Saturday, we had sooo much fun and got to meet up with Karen from over at http://karens-kakes-krafts.blogspot.com/. It was so great to meet her, finally!! We had a class together and then grabbed lunch. We met her crafting friend Kim, who was super nice. The first picture is a picture of the classroom. I have to say this year, we definitely had more room to work on our projects. We sat in the back row, because we know how Kel can be and didn't want to be at the front of the class, laughing and getting in trouble (sorry Kel, just speaking the truth, lol).

Here is a packet from one of the classes we took from Quick Quotes!! We took two classes from QQ and they were awesome! Just look at the colors. Unfortunately, the classes are usual an hour and you can't finish the projects. As soon as we do finish we will post.

Here all are looking so studious!!!

In between classes we headed over the vendor fair and bought some fun things. By the end of the day, my bag was extremely heavy!!!

I have been on some blogs and saw that you have already received your E2!! Lucky ducks! Please let me know what you think about it. My delivery day is May 16th! That is going to take a long time to get here!!


  1. Thanks for posting those pictures and telling us about your weekend. How fun for you all! I wish I could have been there with you!

  2. sounds like you girls had some fun. What a fun group. Tell kel I always have to sit in back too. My mouth is loud! ha hugs

  3. So much fun!!! Ya.. I can get going sometimes, Laurie is right, lol But we were all on best behavior.. It was awesome to meet the gals too! And.. I got my prize from Karen.. Awesome stencils and paint.. I can't wait to try!

  4. So glad you all had a good time! Where'd you have lunch??? It's more fun sitting in the back of the class, isn't it?? LOL

    ~Sharon C.

  5. what a fun day!! Wish we had more things like that around here!

  6. Oh so much fun green with envy,LOL!
    I receivd my E2 this afternoon. just finished updating. It took awhile to figure it out, (Technically challenged) will be heading to my cave to try it out shortly let you know what I think.
    Big Blog Hugs

  7. It looks like you all had so much fun!

  8. The whole day was a blast and we learned a lot of cool new things! Awesome to meet Karen and Kim, too!