Friday, May 27, 2011


With all the talk about baby boys yesterday, I thought I'd post this. It's a page I did for an 8x8 album I did for my nephews son. YIKES..I feel like my nephew was just born and he is 26! My own baby boy is 18. WOW, where does the time go??? This is pretty simply done. With and 8x8 I feel you don't want to squish the page up with too much stuff.. So, some inking, a border, a sticker and the cute lil bib from The CM Special Delivery cricut cartridge was all I needed for this page. Now go hug your babies no matter if they are 2 months or 30 years !! Enjoy your day!


  1. I like the simplicity of it!! I know what you mean--my oldest is 22 already--and I can hardly believe that much time has went by already!!

  2. Aww Kel, so damn cute!! I am loving the little bib!! Rhonda that's amazing you have a 22 year old!! You look great!

    Kel you have the best 18 Year Old boy I know! Such a good guy!!!


  3. Love the LO the colors are great.I frally like the border print, and of course the Bib is adorable.
    Big Blog Hugs

  4. What a great page! The little border is so sweet - and so it the bib!
    Time flies by far too quickly. I hope you enjoyed your first week at your new job!

  5. So cute! Wanna work on two more? I have two to do - for twins!! AAACK!!!