Friday, October 15, 2010


Good morning Ladies!!!

It is Friday (thank goodness, that in my mind means scrapping is so very close!!). We wanted to take care of some business then we will post something a little later on.

First up - A BIG welcome goes out to our two new followers, first we have Pjritsema and secondly we have wandwandco. Welcome, welcome, welcome. We didn't see that you had a blog, if you do please let us know and we will be sure to direct the folks over to you. Thanks so very much for stopping by. We hope we like what you see!! We love to "scrap it forward" here, so anything you want to share, please let us know.

Secondly as you know the swap is just about winding down. I have received two swaps already, and let me tell you, they are AMAZING!!!! I am not surprised as we have really talented people, but I think these two gals have out done themselves!! If you don't have my address to send the swap to, please email me at We can't wait to see them. Deadline is October 17th. Don't forget to enclose your self addressed stamped envelope so you can get your swaps back!!

Tune in later for a fun layout I did using a few different cartridges. Make it a great day!



  1. Welcome to our new followers! I can't WAIT to see the swap Stuff! I have mine ready and will be in Laurie's hands by the 17th!

  2. Welcome to SS! You will have fun here! Can't wait to see the swaps, too!

  3. sent mine:) Welcome new followers!!!!