Monday, October 11, 2010

Exploring Cricut Cartidges - Day One

Good morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend, per usual it went by too fast!!

Kel and I were talking about how we have those "go to" cartridges that we use all the time. We decided to challenge ourselves to using two different cartridges on a card or layout. On my layout I used Graphically Speaking for the title and the cute little banner on the bottom and then for the word wonderful I used Paisley. This is a picture of my hubby (in the middle) and our two nephews.

I also wanted to pass along a helpful hint that Kel found on the internet. We found a way to make the book for the cartidge more user friendly.

Step 1: Take out the pages you don't need. So at the beginning of the book, there are a ton of pages we don't need, all the pages in a different language, take them out (I will tell you what do with them in a minute).

Step 2: On the first pages of images, start numbering the pages in the right hand corner, 1, 2, 3 until they are all numbered. When you have the overlay on the Cricut and you see a flower you want to cut, on your number 6 page, you count over six images on the overlay and that will be your flower (let me know if you have any questions, I can post pictures). This truly is a time saver.

Step 3: Don't recycle those torn out pages yet. The pages are perforated on the top and/or bottom. I cut up from the perforated part, about a 1/4 of an inch (so I have somewhere to put the adhesive) and you can use on a page, like I did with this page, underneath the picture you can see the perforated paper (I see these on pages everywhere now).

Stay tuned for some really cute cards that Kel and I made last night, so much fun exploring our cartridges!!


  1. Great tip! And great challenge to get us using our carts! I love the artsy feel to this page. Colors are fab, too!

  2. :) I've torn out the pages forever ago and put in recycle bin:( never thought of saving them...tho I do have a couple of newer carts I haven't done this with soooo guess I need to "save" these:) cute LO!

  3. fantab page.. I saw this in person. I like your tip about the perferation.. I thought it was a goodie! We did have fun making the cards, it was fun to dive into cartridges that we HAVE TO HAVE, but never seem to go past that ONE image we bought it for. We really scrapped outside the "cartrige" box for this week!

  4. Super page! I don't have Graphically Speaking, but I always appreciate it when crafters note the cartridges used so I can decided if I "need" it or not! Great tip too, although I'm the sort that needs to keep everything together. That said, I really don't need instructions in multiple languages!!

  5. Nice layout and thanks for the tip.

  6. Kate you are too funny!! As far as our husbands know, we "need" it!! Thanks girls!!

  7. Love your ideas on this one!!! GREAT WORK!