Friday, October 1, 2010


Good Friday morning! I am so glad the weekend is finally here. It has been a long week. This is my attempt at the color challenge. The blue 12x12 is of course StampinUP! Then I cut the square blocks to roughly 4.5 x4.5. Then with the remaining strips, I just cut them at about an inch. I added some rub ons (well actually lots of rub ons, down the side of two sheets of the patterned paper and acrosse the bottom of the layout and on the picture itself). I used Bazill chip board, then covered with patterned paper (left over from my squares) and the top each one off with a brad. I have to say I was hestitant about the colors, but I

do like the way it came out. I love to be challenged and think outside the box.

I also have to add this picture is circa 1992!! It is me, my sister and sister-in-law.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Great Job! Ya, this was quite the challenge with the colors.. but everybody did so well so far!! I'm loving the pic too, it's sweet!! (well actually...really sweet) LOL

  2. Lau, this is beautiful!!! The colors, the patterns, the rub ons - you really out-did yourself! And how cute were you guys?!?! Great job!

  3. This is wonderful! What a great way to preserve a wonderful photo of you all! I love the design, and the colour challenge works perfectly here!