Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

Good morning!  Today my youngest turns 13!  Makes me so sad, I swear he was just 2!  I found this awesome paper stack at Michael's with a a coupon it was $11!!

Every single paper on this card came from this stack, the words, the numbers, everything!!  The controller is cut from The Father's Day cart at 3.5" and layered.

I am sure he will love this card!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great card using a neat stack. Happy Birthday to your son. Time sure does fly by! Enjoy each day.

  2. Geesh, time certainly does fly! Great card. I love those papers. The gaming controller cutout is super cute and the clips are awesome!
    Gotta love coups too!

  3. Happy birthday, A!!! Weren't he and T just in pre-school?!?! Wah! Such an awesome card - he will love it!I am going to have to look for that stack. Always good to have boy papers around!

  4. Excellent card Laurie! Loving that paper too!

  5. GREAT card Laurie! Happy birthday to your son!!!!

  6. Belated happy birthday to your son! I'm certain he'll love your adorable card!!!

    My-oh-my, my son is 40 -- they do get away from us tooo fast don't they?!!! LOL!!! We still love em'; our big boys with the so much of the little boy still inside... lol!