Friday, September 3, 2010


Good Friday morning fellow Scrappers,

As we are batten down the hatches up here in New England awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Earl, we wanted to welcome some new followers and extend our challenge (with a fantastic prize) to Sunday, September 5th at 9:00 pm edt.

We are hearty New Englanders, so no weather would ever keep us from scrapping!!

So first things first please help us welcome:

Celeste B - Celestes blog is

CoachFans - check out her blog @


Raven B



Welcome to Serenity Scrappers ladies. We are so glad you stopped by! Our motto here is scrap it forward we love to share our ideas and have you share back. We encourage you to send your work for us to post. Have fun looking around at our past posts with some fun layouts and cards and altered projects.

If the ladies that we listed above have a blog please let us know, we would love it check it out.

Now on to the challenge, Kel and I decided to extend the due date to Sunday, Sepetember 5th at 9:00 edt. We have so many new followers (so exciting) we thought would give them a chance to get in on the fun and prizes!!!

So here are the rules:

12 x12 layout using both buttons and bows

Email your final product to Kelly @ by Sunday September 5th, 9:00 edt

Have fun!!

We don't have too many rules as we want to you have fun using embellishments you may not put on the same page.

Let us know if you have any questions. Kelly posted the prize in an earlier post this week. Such a great prize!!!

Kel and Laurie


  1. Yep, Earl is heading our way..wicked! My favorite part of nor'easter weather is watching the stupid...STUPID weathermen and woman standing in the middle of it just to show us how strong the wind is by walking over to a very wobbly street sign. All about " can see this sign moving back and forth..the wind has picked up...." Ya, cuz we are so unaware of the 80mph winds that just took the roofs off our sheds.. but continue idiot!! LOL When the damn thing breaks off and hits the dope in the face,, THATS NEWS! lol. GET ON THIS CHALLENGE LADIES. I JUST ADDED SOME COORDINATING BUTTONS AND BOWS TO THE PRIZE..WOO HOO

  2. Thanks so much for the official welcome. That was very kind of you. My blog can be found at I plan on joining in on the challenge but I have to finish moving first. Again, thanks! Be safe.

  3. Oh, Kel - you make me laugh!!! I never understood why someone would want to report from the middle of a hurricane, tornado, or any extreme weather. It didn't make sense to me either! Thanks so much for the welcome! I'm hoping to be able to participate this week. Thanks again!!! :)

  4. Just found your blog and love it! I am going to try to work on something for the buttons and bows challenge later today.

  5. he he he that is a funny part of hurricanes:) I live in the midwest so no hurricanes hit full force here but we do get some nasty storms from them....and the weather ppl do look ridiculous!

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome. I just posted something about National Sewing Month ( I am NOT one for sewing, but it was fun adding it to a card).

    I live in Florida, so we are used to hurricanes...we even schedule Hurricane Make-up days in our school calendar now! Be safe!

    I will be back often!
    Georgiana : )