Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Good morning!! I thought today I would show a technique for making flowers that I learned at CK Manchester. What an awesome day we had at CK. Can't wait for next year!!
So what you need to do it cut three flowers from three different pattern papers. The circles don't have to be exact, as you can see from mine. Just make sure they get smaller in size. I believe my bigger flowers is about 3 inches.

I then glimmer mist each circle. If you don't have glimmer mist, no worries, you can just spray with water.

Then crumble up the paper.

Layout each circle after you crumbled it up. Then you layer on top of each other.

You can add pretty brad, button, ribbon, whatever you like. Here is the finished product. So cute and super easy too!!!


  1. These will look so nice on a lay-out or a card!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing what you learned. I love this idea as you can have flowers that coordinate perfectly with your project.
    I've been reading of lots of people using glimmer mist. I'm going to have to look for that!

  3. Awesome flowers and awesome day at CK! Thanks for reminding me how to do this!

  4. This reminded me of that class.. nice tip to pass along Lau! If I could add to this, going along with idea that you don't need them exact.... The instructor had mentioned to just tear out the three circles if you feel daring and can step away from the ruler.. LOL.