Sunday, January 31, 2010


I wanted to do this last year but didn't. The challenge is to do a page of as many or as few photos and/or etc. from "your life January 2010". The last Sunday of each month, I will post the same challenge and so on. It may get me/us to slow down and smell the roses and put a memory on film or in writing or keep that keepsake. If all goes well, we will have 12 pages (or more) of 2010 by January 2011 of next year! A lot will happen, so lets get in there and scrap it! If anyone has done this.. do you have any good tips?? P.S. Bye bye January!


  1. I love this challenge!! You are coming up with some good ones!!!

  2. Hmmmm... thinking cap on! Good one!!

  3. I have such a problem staying current in my scrappin that I am psyched to do this, and actually already have one page from this month done! It's a digi scrap and on my other computer so will email it to you Kel later on!