Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TECHNIQUE: alcohol inks & gypsy

This was fun. On the vellum I used Alcohol inks. It is easy, fun, and fairly cheap after initial expense. You use tiny drops of ink, so they last a long long time. I will post pics of how I did the inking in the near future. The bottom border was created using my gypsy. Welding is such fun and really changes the look of things!


  1. I love this page!! I love what you did with the alcohol inks. I have seen them in action and I am going to try them out. With a coupon, they should be too much. I love the border on the bottom. How do you like your Gypsy?

  2. The gypsy is fun, fun, fun!! It take a bit to get used to working on a smaller screen when your used to working on a 12x12 piece of paper. But once you get the hang of it.. There's not many limits to what you can do to an image!

  3. that girl in that picture is really pretty, you should put more pages of her on your site.. :)