Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This was a fun day I spent with my family at a huge hay maze. I don't know if anybody has done these, but they can be quite intense. Some take hours to find a way out. Well, we almost did it in minutes. My husband is diabetic and all of a sudden his sugar starts to drop a bit about 20 mins. into the maze. So not too much of a big deal, he just needs a sweet. So, onward we go on the hunt for a staff member to guide us out. Well in the process of looking, turning corners, and taking path after path, we were just SO good at mazing, that within minutes we hit our first check point! We are like.... Whew, we are out of here! Well the kids get their little stickers for finding a check point... THEN we couldn't believe that the prize for hitting a check point was of all things.. A handful of CANDY!, lol. So, my hub had a few pieces and we were on our way. We spent about another hour or so in there and they paid a buck for a map that helps you cheat your way out. I give it to all the extreme mazers out there, its HARD!

So with that experience, I had to scrap this. Here is another LO I embellished with CM products The adorable fence border is done with the NEW CM BORDER MAKER SYSTEM. This thing is awesome. It's easy and they have great cartridges! I plan on getting mine soon and I will post al lthe deets for you. It's a MUST HAVE. The lettering was done by none other than the THIS AND THAT CM cartridge. I told you I fell in love.. LOL.


  1. Love the page Kel! It came out awesome. Love the story even better!!! Great job and story!!


  2. What a super page! I love that fun title! What a funny story, too!
    When we were in England a few years ago, we went through a maze made of hedges. It was an interesting experience!

  3. Great layout love the story behind it. Never tried one of those Maze thing sound like fun !
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet