Monday, February 6, 2012


Here is a take out menu holder I made this weekend. I was cleaning up my kitchen and I had scads of menus EVERYWHERE.. In drawers, on top of shelves, hanging on the fridge. Sooo I happen to be in a store and saw these boxes that said "take out menu's" I thought they were cute so I ran home to copy the idea.. LOL. I took a Special K box, I cut it, covered it in paper and decorated it with paper and cuts from the Kitchen Cricut Cart. and Boom!, there it is. I used fabric strips to cover the edges to make them smooth sort of how the box was that I saw in the store. This works great because the fabric just wraps around the edges.


  1. Kel - such a clever idea. I may have to steal this idea. Wow it came out sooo darn cute. I used my fabric strips over the weekend too, they are great!!

    Awesome idea and great recycling too!!


  2. This is fantastic! I also have take out menues everywhere. My husband thinks the worst thing to have happened was for 3 restraunts to start take out and they are all on his way home from work, tee he he (and the Outback you don't even have to get out of your car, lol)

    I am definatley going to make one of these, lol...thank you for sharing the idea.

  3. Wow I could use one of those My drawer is over flowing with take out menus guess I will be lifting that idea TFS Kel fabulouse project!
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  4. This is brilliant!! What a great idea, Kel! And it turned out wonderfully!