Monday, February 13, 2012

Spin Card

Happy Monday!! I can't believe another weekend gone by!  They go by so fast!!  I worked on this card for my  mother in law.  She was in town (actually the country, she is from El Salvador) for her birthday.

I decided to give the spin card a try. I saw it in the Scrapbooks Etc. magazine.  The instructions were ok, so I kind of had to wing it.   I am a perfectionist as well, so that made it harder!  My mother-in-law speaks Spanish, and I happened to get these Spanish stamps from a Noni sale (thank you Noni). And believe it or not the stamps are StampingUP!!  Abuela means Grandmother in Spanish.

The card was a great hit at the party.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fantastico! I love it. I need to get right on this and give it a try. I've looked up the directions but never ventured into actually doing one, lol. Maybe today is the day! Feliz Cumpleanos Abuela! and many more!

  2. Great card I love the colors and how fun to be able to send the greeting in her language< Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. It's been a bit chilly down here the past few days I thought I was in Florida but I'm beginning to wonder! LOLBig Blog Hugs, Janet

  3. this is totally the best card ever!! I just love the circle--and how it twirls! and the spanish stamps really make it personal!

  4. What a great card! How lovely that your mother-in-law can visit too! (At least, I hope it's lovely!!) It's wonderful that you found some Spanish stamps as well!