Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Our six year old son lost his first tooth last night. He has been waiting forever to get his first loose tooth and the last 3 weeks have been filled with "Is it loose enough yet?" "Can I just bite an apple so it will come out?" when he realized that one was wiggly. It happened at school and the teacher gave him a cute sticker to wear on his shirt for the day that said. "I lost a tooth!" (I will have to work it into the layout when I do it.) He was so excited when he got off the bus yesterday. At bedtime, we got the tooth fairy pillow out that our wonderful neighbor, Miss Cheryl, made way back when for our now 11 year old daughter, tucked the tooth inside it and talked about how the tooth fairy got in the house and how little, pretty and sparkly she was until he fell asleep.

Then it hit me. He's not my little baby anymore. I just did this layout of him this weekend, having his first sleep in his new toddler bed when he was two and a half. How can he be such a big boy already???

The cute tag border was made by Laurie for a border swap that we both participated in quite a while ago. Everything else has been in my stash forever. I think I got the shaped pattern paper at CKU Manchester 2 years ago!!! The "Home" letter stickers have been with me for longer than that. It feels really good to be using supplies that I had forgotten were there. It's like shopping in my own house!

Hope everyone has a great day and don't forget about our latest challenge!!


  1. They grow up so fast! Sigh Love your LO you do it do well The background papers are beautiful, The striped one especially. TFS
    Big Blog Hugs!

  2. oh my goodness!!! what a super cute layout!! how funny--shopping in your own --can I come over to your house?!! congrats to the little lad!!

  3. Oh, how adorable!!!

    Yes, they do grow up too fast, don't they?!!!

  4. I love, love this page. I saw this in person, it is so cute. Great job Dawn!!


  5. Super cute layout!! It's amazing how fast they grow up! Thanks for sharing:)
    sherrie k

  6. They do grow fast! Just ask me! Mine are 23 and almost 21! LOL!!! I blinked, and they were grown!

    Your layout is adorable.

  7. How cute this layout is. Love it, and the new blog design also.
    Next time you see Laurie could you hug her for me I know she must be exhausted, but I hope happy. Oh and tell her I miss her.
    Thanks have a wonderful day.

  8. I remember those exciting days of children loosing their first teeth! I can't wait to see the page you create.
    Your layout is precious!! I love the way little ones sleep with their bums up in the air!! Time really does pass far too quickly. Your layout will help you treasure those memories.

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