Friday, September 9, 2011

Life is what happens while your busy making other plans ...

So, I was all ready to create something new for you last night for today's post. Pictures were printed, embellishments and papers were picked out. I was just waiting for the magical hour where the children were in bed. And then my daughter caught her hand in the front door. Ugh. After an hour of ice, she still couldn't move her right index finger, so off to the ED we went for xrays. I do love the hospital that we go to; in and out of there in 2 hours, even though they were quite busy. There were no fractures, thank goodness; just some real good contusions and swelling. So, in lieu of something new, I decided to show one of my fave layouts of the little girl that is now a big girl. She does love her daddy! I did this layout so long ago that I cannot remember any manufacturer details. I do know that I used acrylic paint on the back of quote transparency so that it would stand out on the background paper. It is a very simple layout, but I wanted it to be all about them.

Kel, Laurie and Susan are coming over my house to get some scrap therapy in tonight. I am so excited! It is always many laughs when we get together!

Check out the Sports Theme challenge over at Creative Cutter Room that Carrie from DoubleClick Connections and the girls are having! This is what I was going to work on last night when life happened! I will work on it tonight with the SS girls!

Speaking of challenges, don't forget that you have till tomorrow night (Saturday 9/10) at midnight to post your entry for our New Challenge to win this Prize Pack

Have a great day!


  1. Wow this is a great page and an awesome picture I love the colors, a beautifully captured memory! Your scrap pages are all so great! I finally got an idea for a page for the challenge now I just have to execute it (that is the real challenge LOL!!).
    Big Blog Hugs! Janet

  2. OHhhh.... that just makes me shudder!! OUCHY!! I hope she is feeling much better today! I love the layout--did you sandpaper a little around the sentiment? It looks kinda like you did--and I love it--another new idea to keep in thought!

  3. Awwww, I'm so sorry she hurt her hand in that door but so happy it wasn't worse -- must be painful for her though. Give her a big kiss on her "boo-boo" for me and I hope it feels better soon!

    The picture is adorable and so is the layout!


  4. Its so scary when that happens- just a month back same thing happened to my little one and though I am a doctor when it happened to my precious one I nearly fainted seeing the amount of blood she had lost fortunately for her too nothing major occurred!

    Yellow and orange such cheerful colors and what a wonderful picture!

  5. This is precious!! I got goose pimples from reading that wonderful, wonderful sentiment! I LOVE it!!
    I'm so glad your daughter is okay! How frightening! And that's amazing that your ER is so quick! We have a doctor shortage here so have loooonnnnggg waits. Free health care comes at a price!!