Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Casual Wedding Card

Hello everyone! I want to thank each and everyone of you that commented yesterday and all your kind words, it really does go a long way when someone takes the time to help lift up a friend!! THANK YOU. I think all your good thoughts and prayers worked, I have a lot of doors opening up and I feel good things are coming my way!!! Woohoo! I made this card for my cousin and his new wife. My cousin is truly an inspiration! He fought hard and long to gain full custody of his three kids and give them the stable home they deserve! He is a true hero. He is also in the Air Force and is a hero in that sense as well. He met a fabulous girl (god bless her coming into the home with three kids!). They had a very quiet, casual wedding. I wanted to show them that we are so happy for them and proud of what they have accomplished as a couple.

The hearts and letters were cut out from the preloaded cartridge on my E2. Alphabet and Essentials. The ribbon is the crinkly ribbon from My Craft Spot (Love this ribbon) and the stamp is from Creative Time. Inked the edges (of course its an addiction) and added the little pearls with the Pearl Pen. Patterned paper is from a Wedding scrapbooking kit I bought a long time ago. I am using all my supplies, not buy any!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!


  1. Beautiful card Love the subtle colors the embossed hearts are stricking. Glad things are looking up!
    Big Blog Hugs

  2. This is absolutely stunning! Love it!! I am not buying any new supplies, either! I have way too much stuff and need to use it! Congrats on things looking up; keeping you in my prayers!! ♥

  3. This is gorgeous!! Wow!! I love the pearl drops with the ribbon. Just stunning! What a great story, too. I hope your cousin, wife and children have a long, happy life together!
    And good for you using up supplies. I'm trying to do the same thing.

  4. this is gorgeous!!! That is exciting that new doors are already opening--and I can't imagine all the fun you three will have -living on the same road!!

  5. Wow - beautiful, elegant card!

  6. Doesn't look so "casual" to me. I think it's beautiful and elegant!!!