Monday, November 14, 2011


Quite a few pieces of DCWV paper.............. $4.00

Nearly a whole package of glue dots............... $3.00

Having my 19 year old son agree with me that playing with paper and glue is fun............. PRICELESS

LOL. Here is my son's halloween mask... a Rubix cube.! He really had fun making it, and was quite impressed at the quality of paper and adhesive.. he LOVED running the glue dots down the side of the box. His words were "hey mom, these things are pretty boss" LOL. It is probably the 1st and last time I'll ever see him near my scrap supplies.. LOL. but it was fun while it lasted!


  1. Oh my the man cub is very serious about his business. This is hysterical. He really did a great job with it. I love the notes on third picture! He will have to save it for Andrew! Nice work DJ!!!


  2. Awesome! I think there are probably a lot of guys who would have fun creating in our scrap rooms ~ if they didn't think it was "a girl thing". Great costume, too. I'll have to remember that one!

    ~ JD ~

  3. ..wish i could get my boys to join me in doing some crafting ~ amazing mask!
    vanessa xx

  4. How fun Love the cube he created. Nice to be able to craft with family Don;t have any sons but my grandson LOVES to craft with his "Meme"
    as does his sister!
    Big Blog Hugs! Janet

  5. That is so fun! Nice that he let you grab some photos!

  6. Now, that is just TOO cool!! What a great idea - and how fun to make it together!!

  7. What an innovative costume!! And you're right that time together is priceless!

    ~ Blessings