Sunday, November 20, 2011

Outside the Layout Day 2

Good morning fellow bloggers! Hope all is well I can't believe Thanksgiving is Thursday. Wow this month flew by.

Here is a project that my son did on Sir Isaac Newton. We started with a shoe box and then our imaginations just ran. We cut out the trees from the Cricut and the "Sir Isaac Newton" doll was cut out from the Cricut. See the Cricut is not just for scrapbooking and cards. I was so happy to show this to my hubby and prove that the Cricut is a wonderful tool, lol.

We found a chipboard like ornament and my son painted it red. He came up with the clever idea to write the formula around the apple (the teacher thought that was a great idea).

My hubby and son came up with the idea to have the apple fall. The stuck a toothpick in the top of the box and when you pulled the toothpick out the apple fell.

We also used some patterned paper for the grass as well as for the clouds in the back ground. It really was a fun and easy project.

Notice to the right of the project it the card Dawn made us for Halloween, didn't plan that, lol!!

Have a great day.


  1. I saw this in person.. TOOO dang cute! Great thinking out of the layout!! I know you guys had fund doint it too!

  2. Such a clever boy you have there; excellent job! Gotta love when you can justify scrappy stuff for other things. :) LOL at my card in the background!

  3. Hey Laurie, your son did s great job!! I miss school projects, my kids don't need me anymore (which is good, cause I don't understand any of the things that they are learning now anyway) lol I have something on my blog for all you gals, so stop on over, and see!! Karen♥

  4. Love the way his project turned out!! ~ Blessings

  5. so funny, hope you have a happy thanksgiving hugs

  6. Eva, what an adorable little project you guys worked on with your son!!! How much fun that must have been for him; especially with such a great end-result!!!

    I hope you and your family have a very warm, fun, safe and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!!!

    Hugs to you all!

  7. This is brilliant, fab details great idea with the apple.
    Kevin xx

  8. Waaaaa!! This is hilarious (in a GOOD way)!! What a fabulous project - and such a great way to remember the formula. Tell your son his idea is FANTASTIC!! I'm impressed!