Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EASY PEASY TOOLS - and Kel's big win

Hello ladies! Kel and I were talking saying we don't use our tools enough, so we thought we would take some easy ones out to help remind us to use them and show some to you as well.

This is the We R Memory Keepers Sew easy stitch piercer. Let me tell you this is soo easy to use and really helps you sew on your projects.
These are the heads that came with it, it also comes with a mat and some thread. The heads are so easy to take on and off.

This is the head that I used to stitch this stitch on this page, and so easy. You just run the head on the paper where you want to stitch and then start sewing.

This is a close up of stitching I did on a card, this is the pink head.

Comes with all this thread, great colors!!!
I have to say this is one of the easiest tools I have used in a long time. It came with one sheet of instructions and I thought OMG I am going to need more than this, but not really! Fantab tool!

Kel won a challenge over at Frosted Design go on over and check it out. A big contrats to Kel, her card was amazing!!!


  1. I so need to get this tool! Adding to the list! Thanks!

  2. so do you still use your sewing machine or does this little tool actually sew it on for you?SO COOL I have never heard of this before--where can I get one?!!!

  3. Oh wow, I like the idea of this tool. Will have to see if I can track one down. Thanks for showing us.
    Lots of love, Sandra xx

  4. Rhonda - you do not need a machine. The heads make stitches as you roll it along your paper and then you sew by hand. The different heads are different types of stitches, so creative and super easy to use. I got mine on HSN, as of a few weeks ago they were sold out. They may have gotten more in. Amazon has them as well and there more heads!!

  5. I went to Lauries to try this.. easy peasy. We really thought we were in for it. You pick a head for the run that head along the paper you want to stich...It makes all the holes for you. Eliminating templates and paper piercers.. You thread your needle and off you go and stictch. You just follow the pattern you just punched in seconds!! Terrific!

  6. Now this looks like something I "need" to have!! :-) Thanks for the heads up.

    Kel, congrats on your win...your card is wonderful!

    ~Sharon C.

  7. What a funky tool!!! I could see getting some use out of that, since my sewing machine skills are rotten! Heehee!

  8. Congratulations Kel!! I remember seeing that card. It's gorgeous and no surprise that it's a winner!
    Thanks for the info on the stitch piercer too. It sure does make stitching look easy!

  9. Ok, I want answers!!! How do you guys win so much??????? I have entered,commented,crafted, copied,posted,challenged,carded,layouted,linkedre-posted,followed,friended,copied,and,pasted till my poor little hands were worked to the bone, and have never, ever, ever, one more ever, won anything!!!!! Could you guys go over to my blog, and chant a little winning chant, PLEASE!! I am not being greedy, just ONCE, that's all, nothing more. Thanks. Oh I also wanted to know, What classes are you taking in Manchester? Thanks again, Kare<3

  10. I have looked at this tool a couple of times at the local scrapbook store and couldn't decide if I wanted it, but it looks like it is really cool and easy to use.

  11. I've never seen this tool before. It's awesome!

    P.S. Thanks for checking in on me. Work has been crazy lately. I'm hoping to find some blogging time soon. I feel so disconnected! Hope all is well with you ladies. Oh... and I got my swap cards last week. All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! Everyone did amazing!