Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm sure your're thinking..hmm... rub on too.. big deal.. Well, this little guy is. I really do not like to use rub ons.. Well.. I USED to not like rub ons.. Now with this.. I do. As you can see, it's made by Basic Grey. It has one flat end and one rolling stylus end. It's so precise that you really do not have to start cutting up your rub on sheets.. there reallyis hardly and pressing involved, so you don't pick up all kinds of stuff you don't need on ur paper.

I even rubbed on over very glittery and bumpy paper and it just gliiiiided on! bad pic sorry.

After you roll it on with put your backing over it and swipe with the flat end.. Its sets it without breaking ur rub on into a billion pieces.. This baby is set for life

YA.. this excited over a tool.. LOL..
My Rubon-aphobia is GONE! Thank you Basic Grey!

PS: I also did some really pretty rubons on a piece of painted chipbaord..and..amazing!!


  1. I've had this tool for some time, and love it! It's definitely a must-have.

  2. Oh man .... another one to add to my list! TFS!

  3. I just got this tool yesterday but have not used it yet. TFS!

  4. Don't have this tool, but I may have to look for it.

  5. Hi Girls, I just used this yesterday, when I made my videos for the Blog Hop today!! I love it. I hope that you'll be stopping over, to checkout all of our projects, and don't forget the blog candy!! Karen<3

  6. I have not used rub-ons, but I may try now if I can find this tool!


  7. I've never seen this before - but it sure beats a popsicle stick!! Thanks for the information.