Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 And another campin' out layout.  I loved the fun pics on this page and it brought back some silly memories of that trip.  The reason it says "pranks" is that all my fellow campers waited till I went to the bathroom to pull a trick on me.   I came back to a campsite in which everybody was in their tents, strange?  hmmm. We were just playing card and singing round' the fire.  I look down and in front of me there was a snake at the bottom of the picnic table. I scream (repeatedly!) and try my hardest to jump up ONTO the table (in no way shape or form did I do it either. lol) in a complete panic.  I hear lots of laughter at that point and then take a closer look at the PLASTIC snake!  LOL.  It took me a few minutes to recoop from that.. LOL We had lots of fun goofing around the fire and playing rummy and making YUMMMO treats too!


  1. That is a funny story right there! Love it and love the page!

  2. Really funny story. Lovely layout.