Saturday, December 31, 2011


All of us ladies here at Serenity Scrappers are going on a field trip to Hobby Lobby. One opened up in New Hampshire, which is about an hour or so from here in Boston, Ma. Woo hoo. This will be our first to a Hobby Lobby...we are locked and loaded and in shopping mode! We'll have to show you guys our fantabulous hauls when we return! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU AND I WISH YOU AND YOURS THE BEST OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND SCRAPPINESS IN THE COMING YEAR!


  1. Hiya Kel. Oh wow, how exciting. I am sure that you will have a fabulous time, and spend loads of money, well, why not, have fun ladies.
    I wish you all a fabulous Road Trip.
    May I wish you all a Very Happy and Wonderful New Year.
    Lots of love, Sandra xxx

  2. Have fun at Hobby Lobby -- you'll love your trip (ie., the store of course)!!! LOL!!!

    Wishing you all and your families a very happy new year!!!

    See you in 2012!!!


  3. Super fun! I must be spoiled I have three just between my home and work! Happy New Year Ladies!

  4. And again I wish I lived by you all!! Hope you get some amazing deals!! Happy New Year to all of you!

  5. I've not ever been to a Hobby Lobby either. I looked for one the last time I was in the US, but no luck. Hope you got lots of great deals!

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