Monday, July 25, 2011

I am back......

Isn't this eagle amazing? We saw him high up in a tree when we went on an airboat ride, sooo cool!!

Hello everyone! Boy I missed you all! We have returned from Florida! We had a great time. Our boys are at such good ages, they both love rollercoasters and had a wonderful time. I haven't had much time to craft since we returned on Saturday. I am hoping to get some stuff done tonight, we shall see. I bought a Harry Potter Scrapbooking kit and I took a ton of pictures in the Harry Potter Theme park, so maybe I will get to that tonight. I am still trying to catch up with your blogs, so excuse the delay, I will get there!! Welcome to our new followers!

Kel is still having internet issues, and couldn't post last week, she is not happy!!

Don't forget about our challenge, it runs until the 30th! I have the details on the sidebar! I hope everyone is doing well!!


  1. Missed you! Can't wait to see all the HP pics! The eagle is amazing!! Such a handsome fella!

  2. Wow, what a great picture!! I am so jealous that you went to the HP theme park! How cool! I hope to see your LOs and pics!

  3. Welcome back, you survived the heat I see. In answer to your question re the heat I spend much of my time inside at this time of year. I should tell you the story about my first year here, maybe I will some time soon. Glad you had a great trip, There are advantages to being a visitor. You get to do stuff that most of us who live here don't. HP theme park for one. I'll be heading up yo your neck of the woods this Thursday for LONG weekend Going to visit one of my fav p;aces Boston and we are going to visit the American Girl Company for TEA. LOL
    any way glad you are back!
    Big Blog Hugs

  4. Welcome back! You lucky freak....I would LOVE to see an Eagle in its natural habitat that close and personal!

  5. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing some photos!


  6. Welcome back. Can't wait to see your Harry Potter pics. We have not been down to Florida since that opened, but we are going twice to Disney next year and I am planning on going over to Universal for that on one of the trips.

  7. Thanks, Ladies!! Janet I would love to hear your story!! Welcome back, on Thursday. I have never been to American Girl (having two boys), but heard it is sooooo much fun!! Enjoy!!!


  8. Welcome back my friend!!! Wow, the picture of that eagle is amazing!!!

    Glad you had a safe return!!! Hope you really-really enjoyed yourself in Florida!!!

  9. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful holiday! That eagle is amazing! Sorry to read that Kel is still having issues as well. What a pain!