Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here is a cute and simple card. The blue, dots and green are SU papers. My friend Susan gave me the card already done with the papers . I added the dimentional sticker and some paper ribbon from Creative Memories, three bling dots to hide a mistake. LOL and thats that. Simple, easy. Having a stack of cards already with the foundation papers on it is great! You can file them by color themes and just pull out a "template" when u need a card. Works for me. I'm not a huge card maker, lots of you gals prob. already do this and I'm not as brilliant as I think.. I think? lol.


  1. Super cute and super fun!! Nothing like a homemade card, and one that is quick and easy, even better!! You are brilliant!!!

  2. I like it! Think of cards as lil bitty layouts and you'll whip some out in no time!