Thursday, March 25, 2010


I got this tip from Cardztv..please visit below...I love this blog! This may seem simple, but to me was an aha moment.. LOL. Mary, the blog owner was doing a Q&A and somebody asked her how she chose colors..more specifically solid colors. She said that lots of time's she just goes to any patterned paper that's already printed and takes the color combos they used! She usually uses 3 of them. One color she pulls and uses mostly, then a second not so much then a third just to accent. I thought this brilliant..DUH! LOL. I mean I've tried color wheels, scraplifted, done it blind.. but NOW.. i will just flip through my favorite eye catching patterned paper and use the combos that somebody else dealth with putting together.. LOL! I'm so dang creative!


  1. Brilliant!! I am telling you something so simple that can make our lives easier!! I love it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. If you look in the Stampin Up catalog, where the background papers are, they list the colors used in each pattern, making it easy to coordinate so yes, great tip!