Sunday, February 28, 2010


Don't forget about YOUR LIFE 2010, It's the end of February. Make a lasting memory of February 2010. Amanda and I are working on this huge posterboard and we printed out our title and put down, and are gluing down movie ticket stubs we've seen. We are planning on picking different things and/or pictures of stuff that all of us do and putting it on the board. When this one is full, we'll take pics of it, then we'll fill another and so on....It'll be interesting January 2011 to see what's there!


  1. Is this the monthly challenge one, I have some work to do if it is. One for each month of 2010 right?

  2. ya, go back to January here on the right and you will see Monthly Challenge. Just something to do at the end of the month every month before the year gets away.. too save a couple of memories and put in envelope, scrap, calendar, whatever :) Even if it's just a journal by your bed that you jot notes.